I began riding at age four on a very naughty pony on Pender Island. Despite her antics, I fell in love with her and horses have been a life-long passion ever since. I was so excited when we moved to the Saanich Peninsula when I was eight and I was able to join Pony Club, start riding lessons, and compete in shows. When I was ten I got my first taste of Eventing. What could be more fun than cantering through a field and jumping logs, ditches and splashing through water? I was hooked! Eventing has since been the main focus of my competitive goals.

I owe horses a great deal in life. They have given me partnership, friendship, goals, life-long friends with a shared passion, and incredible travel and work opportunities in other countries. And of course horses were the obvious instigator in starting Greenhawk Vancouver Island which has been an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Vancouver Island equestrian community, work with a fabulous team of people and share a great passion with all of our customers and friends who also love horses.