Equi Cool Down Wraps are literally one of the coolest and most innovative product to hit the equine market!  The wraps answer the common problem of being at a competition or at the barn with no access to ice or refrigeration.

To activate the cooling mechanism in the wraps, simply spray with water and wave! The wraps contain NO gel, NO beads or crystals, NO frozen inserts, NO electricity needed. Equi Cool Down wraps will cool 22 degrees colder than the outside temperature. To reactivate the cooling the process, spray the wrap with water, warm or cold, and walk horse or flap sides to infuse air flow. It is THAT easy.

Equi Cool Down wraps are safe to place directly on your horse. No cover or sock is needed to keep the wrap debris free. If it gets dirty, simply hose it down, hand-wash or even put in your washing machine with a mild detergent. Use over and over again; Equi Cool Down wraps will still get cold!