Spring apparel is starting to arrive, even though spring itself looks to be a little ways away! Be prepared for the sun and show season….it really is just around the corner.

Kastel Denmark:

New to Greenhawk, this is a lovely collection of sunshirts.  Extremely lightweight and breathable, in fantastic spring colours – Lilac, Indigo, Coral and Red.  Offering UV protection of 30 SPF.

Essex Talent Yarn Show Shirts:

“NATURALLY SMARTER SHIRTS.”  Soft, breathable fabric with STAIN RESISTANCE.  Innovative nanotechnology rapidly regulates moisture outside layer keeping you cool and refreshed.  Mineral trace elements added to yarn act as anti-bacterial and deodorize.  Long-lasting UV sun protection.

Ariat Sunstopper Shirts:

Best-seller in navy, polka dots and white show shirt styles.  Great price, super fit, sun protection and wicking fabric.